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McDonald’s Track My Macca’s

15 Feb

Here we have another extraordinay McDonald’s campaign, inviting you to discover how to turn your iPhone into an ingredient tracker and get the lowdown one of your Macca’s favourite site. One more more time McDonald’s knew how to get out attention. Bravo!


Nexus 4: Life in the now

15 Feb

Google Now helps you do just that, giving you the information you need, before you even have to ask. Isnt that awesome?

Social Media Campaign Strategies in US elections 2102; Facebook: Obama vs Romney

15 Nov

Its a fact that Social Media is taking an incresingly importance in our society, influencing lots of decisions that we take in our lives, even when voting for a political campaign.

After US General Elections 2012, in which Obama resulted the new President of the country for the next four years, we analyse the different social media strategies that each candidat has been developping during their campaign. As such, we can say that they have used different campaign styles, Romney more classic and Obama more creative. Obama’s team, as they did in the last presidential campaign, knew how to take advantage of their Facebook site, clearly beating his opponent Romney.

The article its in spanish, but dont worry, those who dont speak spanish will easily follow it through the images.


Dinamic Art Installation by Hyundai

30 Oct

Diskograf: make your own music

30 Oct


Seriously cool. The Dyskograf is a graphic disk reader that creates music from drawings, or more precisely, from felt tip pens that draw shapes on paper discs. These discs are read by the Dyskograf’s camera as it spins, while constantly decoding the images via an algorithm/software platform to produce unique notes in real time for the interactive installation… I love this. Thoughts?

Google Street view: Google Data Center

30 Oct

Ever wondered what a Google Data Centre would look like inside? Well, now you can Street View itand explore just about every square inch of one or follow a guided tour. On first glance, I couldn’t exactly get the street view platform to get me into the deepest parts of the data centre with the pics below we supposedly taken, but perhaps that’s user error!

Nike: Live ‘Frozen’ Moment Art Installation

19 Oct

Here you see