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Dinamic Art Installation by Hyundai

30 Oct

Diskograf: make your own music

30 Oct


Seriously cool. The Dyskograf is a graphic disk reader that creates music from drawings, or more precisely, from felt tip pens that draw shapes on paper discs. These discs are read by the Dyskograf’s camera as it spins, while constantly decoding the images via an algorithm/software platform to produce unique notes in real time for the interactive installation… I love this. Thoughts?

Google Street view: Google Data Center

30 Oct

Ever wondered what a Google Data Centre would look like inside? Well, now you can Street View itand explore just about every square inch of one or follow a guided tour. On first glance, I couldn’t exactly get the street view platform to get me into the deepest parts of the data centre with the pics below we supposedly taken, but perhaps that’s user error!

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

19 Oct

Here I have found an excellent post by Rand Fishkin from SEOMOZ, that gives some guidelines to increase traffic to your blog.

Bringing traffic to your blog means improve your position in search engines, so people will find you easier when searching for information related to your blog. So better to make sure you follow the wise advises you find in that useful post.

Nike: Live ‘Frozen’ Moment Art Installation

19 Oct

Here you see